The new PUBG Livik Map is set to released soon for users who are gunning for the beta test. The new map has been designed to provide short burst of gameplay through 15-minute matches. The PUBG Livik map also brings a Nordic-inspired terrain and will only support 40-player matches.

It will also include new firearms like the P90 submachine gun and MK12 burst sniper rifle. Both of these are high-speed burst wepons to enhance fast-paced matches.

In a blog post online, PUBG Mobile developers stated that most of the firearms that will be available within the map can now use an extended barrel.

“The extended barrel will allow for weapons that usually only excel at close to medium range engagements to push out a bit further. This will help some weapons function better in late-game situations since there will be less time to find the perfect loadout,” the developer team stated.

The new map is 2kms by 2kms in size but also includes features such as a hot spring, a waterfall and even a volcano.

“Players might even get washed away by rapid water flow when standing on the top of the waterfall. You can also prep with new surprise tactics, such as launching a motorboat off the top of a waterfall to the water below on an unsuspecting team,” the developers stated.

The developers also stated they are putting “final touches” on the highly anticipated Erangel 2.0 map and the map is likely to be launched later in 2020.

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