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Edtech growth is huge and continue growing in this pendemic time

During this covid-19 pendemic time when world was facing problem with thiers lifes and struggling then IT sector was growing speedly.

and during this period some of good compaies have come up to support students and their parents by giving them quality and good education or help them out to reach their goal.

We have found that during this covid-19 time one of the startup company that was started earlier in 2017 have played a vital role and fullfill the requirments of students by giving them quality education and also helping them out to stay at home and prepare for their competitive exams.

And still comapny is doing great job also they provides decent discounts to their students specially to finacially challanged students.

ixamBee is a good comapny which is an great edutech comapny providing quality education with relevent and crisp content with thier expert faculties helped students a lot.

They provides all free mock tests for near about 70 exams.

Also provides online courses with live interaction classes to students.

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